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36-old El-Enezi can''t see but fights for parliament seat
July 4, 2013, 7:57 pm

Walid Khaled Al-Enezi, 46, a blind citizen, was among those who cast nomination papers for upcoming polls on Thursday, becoming the third to make such a grand step in history of parliamentary elections in Kuwait.
There is nothing called impossible and history has testified that many blind have excelled in literature and decision making, said high-spirited Al-Enezi in remarks to KUNA, as he showed up today at the electoral commission to register for the polls despite his physical impairment.
Al-Enezi said his blindness would not hinder him from the bid to occupy a seat in parliament, defend citizens' issues and fight corruption, stressing that demands of citizens of special case would top his priorities once he has been elected to serve in the National Assembly.
The brave citizen, a former typist at the Ministry of Education who lost sightedness at the age of 20, said political issues in the country can only be resolved through cooperation of all government and parliamentary parties.
It was Marzoug Al-Adwani the first blind citizen to nominate for the parliamentary polls for the 1999 parliament. His nomination had touched off controversies among the legal quarters, however he had won the case and proceeded with his nomination.
The second blind pioneer was Hezaa Al-Otaibi who ran for the third constituency in the 2012 polls.
The State of Kuwait devotes special attention to citizens of special needs or physical impairment. Those citizens are offered work opportunities and special facilities in private and public places.

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