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360 Mall’s famed Chihuly Chandelier to undergo renovation
March 26, 2015, 12:20 pm

360 Mall, Kuwait’s iconic shopping mall owned by Tamdeen Shopping Centres, is taking down the famed US$1.8 million Chihuly Chandelier set in the Sun Court of the mall. The chandelier has been a major landmark due to its unique sculpture and bright colors and has achieved the status of an icon for 360 MALL over the last five years.

The chandelier weights six tons and has a height of 14 meters. It will take six technicians and seven working days to bring it down without any damage.

Claudia Lopusinska, Marketing Manager, 360 MALL said: “While the Chihuly Chandelier is a key feature of the mall, it is being taken down for major maintenance and conservation. Dale Chihuly’s works are considered unique, especially in the realm of large-scale sculptures, as this one at 360 MALL. The difficulties presented by signature glass forms are considerable, which is why periodic maintenance is essential to preserve such works of art.”

The chandelier was installed in 2009 and perfectly complemented the curvilinear pathway of granite and carpets along the mall with the large teak frames along the path and arched skylights with simulated clouds. While visitors could enjoy shopping in the multi-level retail space, their walk through the circular mall always led to the brilliantly expressive sculpture floating in the Sun Court.


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