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37 Labourers arrested for working in ‘mid-day’ sun
June 5, 2015, 12:27 pm

Head of Vocational Safety and Workers Welfare Department at the Public Authority for Manpower Eng Abdul-Mohsen Al- Munayes revealed that his team arrested 37 labourers found working under the scorching heat of the sun after June 1 — the specified starting date for implementing a decision which bans working under the direct heat of the sun during summer, reports Al- Rai daily.

Al-Munayes, who is also the leader of the inspection team tasked to monitor working sites during summer, disclosed nine of the arrests were made on Thursday. He said Deputy Director of Manpower Protection Baderia Al-Makimi issued a directive for the officials to use a new method in inspecting project sites.

He added the officials now visit a project site more than once and deal with violators seriously. He explained the decision this year exempts works which, when disrupted, will affect water supply, power distribution network, traffic flow, drainage system, oil, and gas activities in a manner that could cause losses or problems to the country. He pointed out procedures should be strictly followed under such circumstances to guarantee safety of workers at the sites.

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