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4-kg heroin worth KD 200,000 packed in cans of beans seized
March 12, 2015, 8:52 am

Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport intercepted a shipment containing four kilograms of heroin worth KD 200,000. According to the officers, the heroin was hidden inside 15 cans of beans which were packed in a professional manner; thereby, making it difficult for unsuspecting eyes to uncover.They disclosed the drugs were found in an aircraft that came from an Asian country.

The drugs were referred to the concerned authority and investigations are underway to identify those behind the smuggling attempt. A Kuwaiti military man in his mid 20s serving in the Ministry of Defense committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope tied to the ceiling of his room inside the father’s house at Mubarak Al- Kabeer.

The Operations Room of the Interior Ministry was notified about the condition of the citizen who was reported to be unconscious and a rescue team rushed to the scene. To their surprise, the officers found the citizen on the floor with a rope around his neck. He was declared dead after his body had been examined. The remains were referred to Forensics and family of the deceased was referred to the area police station for questioning. A case was registered for investigation to determine the cause of suicide.

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