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46 domestic labour offices have their licenses revoked
November 14, 2016, 8:29 am

Director of Domestic Workers Department in the Interior Ministry Mohammad Al-Ajmi has announced the cancellation of licenses issued to 42 domestic labor offices due to failure to rectify their status as per Article 50 of Domestic Workers Law Number 68/2015 and Item Seven of Article 17 of Ministerial Decision Number 2194/2016. Article 50 law number 68/2015 obliges licensed domestic labor offices to rectify their status according to the new law, or else, they will lose their license.

Article 17 of Ministerial Decision Number 2194/2016 stipulates withdrawal of license issued to a domestic labor office upon the instruction of the Interior Minister in certain situations: If the office violated licensing conditions, if it provided false information, in case of its dissolution, sublicensing activities, transformation of its branches into housing units for domestic workers, among others.

In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media General Department disclosed the decision took effect Sunday and the affected domestic labor offices have been included on the security list barring issuance of visa. Meanwhile, Al-Ajmi confirmed receiving 41 applications from domestic labor offices and four companies that fulfilled the legal requirements stipulated in Law Number 86/2015 and the relevant ministerial decisions.

Source: Arab Times

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