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492 illegals, 111 criminals held, cars seized in Hawally crackdown
April 14, 2015, 8:35 am

 Hawally Security Directorate held security campaigns against criminals and violators of Residency law in Hawally Governorate under the guidance of Acting Hawally Security Director Brigadier Abdullah Hamad Al-Ajmi, during which officers arrested 492 individuals, referred 111 outlaws to the Deportation Center, seized 11 vehicles and issued 1,030 traffic citations.

According to a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, a total of 606 security checkpoints were set up in the month of March, leading to the arrest of 74 individuals who were reported as absconding, 76 violators of residency law, 285 individuals without any identification documents, 14 individuals who were wanted for criminal cases, 27 individuals for drug cases and 16 individuals in possession of liquor. The officers also inspected 1,977 traffic accidents, carried out 7,862 security tasks, received 1,855 reports and provided 821 assistances. Brigadier Al-Ajmi affirmed that such security campaigns will be held in all areas of Hawally Governorate with the aim of increasing security and safety for the residents.

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