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5,826 individuals placed on terrorist list
February 21, 2016, 8:38 am

The State Security Department, with the cooperation of intelligence agencies of Gulf, Arab and friendly countries, managed to identify and place 5,826 individuals on the terrorist list.

The departments of State Security of brotherly and friendly countries exerted tremendous efforts and coordinated in collecting information that led to identifying dangerous terrorists and blacklisting them in order to prevent them from entering the country.

Sources revealed that Ministry of Interior has adopted strict security measures to thwart any terrorist attempts. They also revealed that the ministry has postponed increasing the financial allocations for its secret sources overseas because of the country’s financial situation. It also postponed some security projects most notably the purchase of smart drones carrying sophisticated radars to monitor infiltrators across the sea and land border sites.

However, the sources affirmed that the rationalization process will not adversely affect the security work and that the officers of Ministry of Interior play their role to the fullest.

Source: Arab Times

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