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5 members of an Egyptian family killed in Khaitan fire
August 22, 2015, 8:21 am

An Egyptian family of 5 died in a fire that broke out in their apartment in Khaitan area on Friday afternoon. According to security sources, when the Control Room of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) received information at 16:32 about the apartment on fire in Khaitan area, firefighters rushed to the location with police officers and paramedics. They discovered that the fire had engulfed the entire apartment which was at the ground floor of a three-storeyed residential building.

One of the tenants of the building explained that no one knew about the fire until the electricity was cut off. When they realized that the cause of the power cut-off was from an apartment on the ground floor, he knocked on the door several times but did not receive any response. When he told his wife about the issue, she immediately informed the sister of the female tenant of the apartment. The latter went to the apartment and knocked on the door to realize that it was very hot.

They broke down the door to discover that a fire had burnt out after reducing the entire contents of the hall down to ashes and smoke had spread throughout the apartment, suffocating the 5-member family to death. Firefighters realized that the fire broke out long time back in the living room of the apartment while the family was sleeping in the bedroom.

Preliminary examinations revealed that the victims had died of suffocation. Sources said the family was composed of the Egyptian man, his wife and his three children – two boys of ages 7 and 3, and a 5-year old girl. According to a press statement issued by KFSD, high-ranking officials including Director General of KFSD Lieutenant General Yousef Al-Ansari visited the site. An intensive investigation has been launched to identify the circumstances of the tragic incident. Officers from General Department for Criminal Evidences referred the corpses to the Forensics Department.

Acting Director of Public Relations and Security Media Department of Ministry of Interior Major Salman Al- Ju’aidi said, “We feel sad about the death of this five-member family. We entreat Allah to bestow mercy on them. We also urge each and every family provider to install smoke detectors in their apartments and houses for protecting themselves and their families from such fire incidents”.

Source: Arab Times

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