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501 cases of e-crimes reported
March 1, 2016, 10:07 am

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) recently released a report showing that 501 e-crimes and cases were filed starting from the beginning of this year. The report included crimes using social media networks to slander, misuse of mobile phones as well as issuing threats, blackmail and instigating vice. MoI highlighted the efforts of e-crime detectives who work hard to implement the law and prevent such crimes. 

According to the statistics, there are 143 slander cases, 131 misuse of mobile phones, 75 threats and blackmail and 40 vice instigating cases that were filed against perpetrators. Statistics also disclosed that the cases filed comprised of 32 cases of forging bank drafts, 29 defamation and 18 impersonation cases . In addition, statistics highlighted a list of crimes across popular social media - 269 crimes on Twitter, 109 crimes through Instagram, 78 crimes using WhatsApp, 20 crimes were committed with Snapchat and 25 crimes were reported on Facebook.


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