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525 expats in 6,400 pilgrims
August 24, 2015, 9:17 am

The concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have limited the number of pilgrims from Kuwait to 6,400 – 5,350 Kuwaitis, 525 Bedouns and 525 expatriates, reports Al- Shahed daily quoting Director of Hajj Affairs Office at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affiars Roumi Al-Roumi. Al-Roumi confirmed that most of the caravans have already registered their pilgrims in order to avoid any violation especially since the Hajj season is fast approaching.

He said the office has completed the electronic link system between the ministries to grant Hajj leaves for employees at the ministry. He pointed out the system aims to stop manipulation of Hajj leave procedures as some employees applied for such leaves in the past but traveled to other destinations. He added the ministry has coordinated with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to store the data of State employees and strictly apply the rules for processing of Hajj leaves. He disclosed the office has conducted a number of inspection tours in Makkah to ensure the readiness of Kuwaiti headquarters to receive the pilgrims. He went on to say that the Saudi authorities have stressed there is no Hajj without authorization this year.

He affirmed this information has been passed on to all caravan owners in a bid to control the number of pilgrims and avoid other problems. He advised all those who want to perform Hajj to register only in authorized caravans to avoid problems such as being asked to return to the country upon reaching the Saudi borders. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj predicted that the number of pilgrims this year would stand at 1.535 million from outside Saudi Arabia and 185,000 from within the Kingdom. The Saudi Press Agency quoted the ministry as saying that the total number of pilgrims who have actually arrived in the Kingdom now stands at 99,000.

Source: Arab Times

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