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54 sports cars seized at 360 Mall parking
June 6, 2016, 9:03 am

The General Traffic Department (GTD) has announced that its officers impounded 54 sports cars due to reckless driving, issued 60 traffic violations, and arrested two juveniles for driving without a license and a person without identification documents.

 In a press statement, the department disclosed this happened in the early morning hours at the 360 Mall parking area. The officers rushed to the location after the department received information about the illegal gathering of sports cars.

 In addition, 13 other vehicles were impounded and one person was arrested during the traffic and security campaign along the Second Ring Road, while 16 traffic citations were issued for reckless driving and other violations.

Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Control and Licensing Major General Fahad Al-Shuwei’ confirmed that the impounded vehicles and their owners were referred to the concerned authorities where necessary legal measures will be taken against them.

 He stressed his officers will not tolerate anyone who breaks laws, indicating every road user should abide by the traffic rules and regulations to protect lives and public properties. 

Source: Arab Times

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