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60 days grace for ‘Code-70’ workers to rectify position
May 5, 2015, 10:06 am

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Planning and Development Hind Al-Sabeeh disclosed the Public Authority for Manpower, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior will grant violating workers registered under permanently suspended companies 60 days grace period to rectify their status starting from the date ministry announces the decision.

The minister urged concerned workers to avail themselves of the opportunity to amend their status especially as the ministry has decided to deal with violators ruthlessly anywhere in the country after expiration of the date.

She implored employers or company owners to make necessary efforts to ensure the rule of law is upheld as a measure to avoid facing legal procedures. She affirmed that such procedures could lead to definite suspension of their files and sanction them appropriately, which could attract fine and imprisonment. Al-Sabeeh stressed that she will not allow any laxity in the labor market no matter the source, being it employers or employees.

She declared 4,300 files of companies have been suspended permanently and referred to the General Investigation Department of Interior Ministry under Article 71 since the beginning of 2014.

She continued the referral of the companies to investigation is in line with Law 6/2010 concerning the private sector labor law and its executive decisions.

She cited Article 10 of the law which stipulates an employer can not recruit employees from abroad or use local employees without giving them the actual job or fail to indicate that he doesn’t need their services.

She declared the ministry will embark on a new mechanism in dealing with the permanently suspended companies such that their names will be published in the media for workers registered under to rectify their status.


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