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62 Nurseries shut down for violations
June 4, 2015, 11:42 am

 Director of Women and Children Affairs at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Nasser Al- Ammar announced the closure of 62 nurseries at various locations across the country, reports Aljarida daily. He explained that three of the nurseries were closed down due to serious violations while 59 others were closed down due to lack of dedication by the operators. Inspections carried out by the allotted team revealed that some nurseries operate inside unauthorized apartments, which is in violation of Law 22/2014.

Sending children to nurseries in unauthorized apartments expose their lives to danger, because such places are not equipped to accommodate children as they do not comply with the allotted security and safety conditions.

Al-Ammar indicated that there are a total of 339 nurseries scattered across various parts of the country while over 50 others are in the process of opening shortly. He disclosed that the most disheartening aspect uncovered during the inspection campaign was that many nurseries were being used for purposes other than why they were established, due to which the team issued some citations against such places.

For example, some nurseries were being used for conducting extra moral classes or as evening institutes while some accepted children below the eligible age for registering in nurseries. Al-Ammar affirmed that the ministry will not authorize anybody to transform nurseries into Quran memorization centers, stressing that the current situation requires new regulations for monitoring nurseries so that the ministry can control the situation especially since it is related to education.

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