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66 percent private sector workers admit taking fake sick leave
September 19, 2015, 9:36 am

A recent study conducted by Kuwait Resources House revealed that 66 percent of the private sector employees in Kuwait admitted that they took sick leaves even though they were not sick, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The report issued by Kuwait Resources House, which offers services related to providing solutions on human resources to companies, indicated that 22 percent of the individuals who participated in the study admitted that many companies overlook the need to check whether the sick leaves are genuine or not.

According to the report, the study was aimed to identify some of the negative behaviors practiced by the employees in both government and private sectors, in an attempt to determine the various aspects pertaining to such practices.

In order to achieve accurate results, the ‘Human Resources’ research team asked the participants to not reveal their names but to answer the questions frankly about employees’ behaviors in the work environment of private sector companies. Concerning the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace, the report said 65 percent of the participants affirmed that they will not hesitate to officially report any “evident” sexual harassment that they experience from their colleagues while 31 percent said they will ignore such incidents.

It indicated that 79 percent of the women who were interviewed had agreed that they indulged in acts that violate religious and social norms with their male colleagues, while 81 percent of participants of both sexes denied their participation or tolerance for such acts. Regarding awareness about sexual harassment, the study affirmed that the number of women who refuse any kind of philandering with the opposite sex is high due to increased awareness about their rights, their need to defend themselves and expose any sexual harassment shown towards them in the workplace.

The women strongly affirmed that they do not fear ‘shame’, ‘scandal’ or ‘embarrassment’ because of which they do not and will not hesitate to file a formal report against anyone who attempts to sexually harass them. In the same context, Director General of Musawaa Legal Consultants Office Lawyer Meshari Al-Enezi said the fight against sexual harassment, despite the existence of a penal code in this regard, requires more awareness campaigns so that sexual harassments in workplaces are not overlooked by anyone. Regarding fake sick leaves, the report indicated that some employees, due to some weak management officials in some establishments, resort to find ways to cheat by obtaining fake sick leaves. However, there are legal repercussions against anyone involved including the doctors who issue such leaves without any medical grounds.

In an unrelated development, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has recovered KD5.4 million out of KD8.3 million of social aid granted illegally to 5,354 beneficiaries, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs Hind Al-Subaih.

She affirmed an investigation committee has been formed to scrutinize the remaining files and to ask the citizens who illegally received social aid to return the money to the ministry as it is part of public funds which, according to the Constitution, must be protected. She said investigations revealed that social aid was granted to dead people and divorced women who married their husbands again, indicating one of these women received KD 50,000.

She added the ministry witnessed deficiencies and irregularities in the past five years; hence, an investigation committee was formed five months ago. She said the lack of coordination between ministries and other concerned institutions like the Public Institution for Social Security has been delaying procedures to recover the misappropriated public funds. She asserted all those behind the violations will be referred to the Public Prosecution once the investigations are completed.

Source: Arab Times

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