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7 million drug pills seized
March 10, 2016, 8:50 am

Customs officers at Shuwaikh Port confiscated a total of 7 million narcotic pills in about four days, thwarting the efforts of drug cartel to smuggle drugs into the country. Director of Shuwaikh Port Customs Department Waleed Al-Nasser explained that the customs officers first seized around 3.5 million narcotic pills that arrived at the port from Syria in a container and was addressed to a local company.

A Syrian and an Egyptian were arrested over that incident and they were referred to the concerned authority. The second time, the customs officers confiscated another 3.5 million narcotic pills that were hidden inside four drill heads.

Two Egyptians and a Syrian who were assigned to collect the drill heads were arrested. Al-Nasser expressed his shock over the massive quantity of drugs that the drug cartel was attempting to smuggle into the country, indicating that they were enough to fill the entire country with drugs. He reiterated that the customs officers are always on alert for protecting the country from hardened criminals who are adamant about smuggling drugs into Kuwait.

Source: Arab Times

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