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71 arrested in Salmiya crackdown
July 28, 2016, 8:07 am

In line with the ongoing efforts of the Interior Ministry to track down criminals and maintain the rule of law, officers from the Hawally Security Directorate carried out a security crackdown in Salmiya. This campaign resulted in the arrest of 71 persons wanted by law for involvement in different cases, including violation of the Residency Law.

In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media Department disclosed the campaign lasted for two hours and a half, during which checkpoints were established in all the entry and exit points of the area.

Police checked the identities of 687 people and arrested 10 suspected of possessing narcotic substances, 10 wanted by law for involvement in financial cases, five for holding expired residency permits, 16 for violating the Residency Law and five who were reported absconding, while 25 others were not carrying their identification documents.

Also, two cars were impounded and 43 traffic citations were issued. The department stressed the need for citizens and expatriates to always carry their identification papers and present them to the securitymen when demanded to avoid legal problems, affirming the security campaigns will continue in all governorates.

Source: Arab Times

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