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72 kilos fish destroyed in surprise campaign
February 20, 2017, 8:27 am

The centers for monitoring food establishments and markets at the Monitoring and Follow Up Department in Kuwait Municipality carried out a series of surprise inspection campaigns in Al-Rai, Qibla, Mubarakiya, Sharq, Bneid Al-Gar and Shuwaikh covering restaurants, central markets, shops and stores in these areas.

These campaigns resulted in the confiscation and destruction of 72 kgs of fish found to be unsafe for human consumption and issuance of 18 citations for different violations. In a press statement, Director of the department Iman Al-Kandari confirmed continuation of these campaigns to hold responsible all those proven to have violated the rules and regulations.

He revealed the violations recorded in the recent series of campaigns included selling expired food commodities and employment of a laborer who has no valid medical certificate. On the other hand, General Observer for food establishments and markets Nassar Ben Lami said the team from Al-Rai Center inspected markets in the area but no violations were recorded.

He added those assigned in Shift C at Mubarakiya Center confiscated 72 kgs of spoilt fish and issued six citations, Shift B at the Sea Coast Center issued five citations for various violations such as hiring a worker who does not hold a valid medical certificate and failure to comply with public sanitation rules, and Shuwaikh Center issued seven citations. Moreover, the Public Relations Department at the Municipality urged citizens and expatriates to contact hotline 1844448 or social media account @kuwmun in case they witness any violation stressing that their calls will be taken seriously.

Source: Arab Times


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