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757 illegal residents get employed in Co-Ops - Apparatus
October 8, 2016, 2:53 pm

The Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents announced on Saturday that the number of illegal residents who are employed in Cooperative Societies till the end of June of 2016 has reached 757 employees.

Assistant Secretary General for Technical and Information Affairs in the Apparatus Waleed Al-Asfoor told KUNA that the number of Cooperative Societies which are employing illegal residents went up to 38.

Al-Asfoor stated that Saad Al-Abdullah Co-Op has hired 73 illegal residents, consituting the lion's share, followed by Al-Naseem Co-Op with 70 employees, then came Al-Jahra Co-Op with 57 employees, Al-Andalus and Al-Reqeie Co-Op with 55 employees and Al-Sulaibiyah Co-op which came fifth 37. Al-Asfoor hailed the Kuwaiti Cooperative Societies Union for its efforts and support in the recruitment mechanism for the illegal residents, noting that beneficiaries must have obtained the statistics of 1965 in order for them to be recruited.

Sons of Kuwaiti women and sons of military personnel who participated in wars are exempt. Al-Asfoor added that this came under the guidance of the Executive Chairman of the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents Saleh Al-Fadala, who has directed for taking all measures needed to execute the recruitment mechanism for both private and public sectors.

The Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents, with the cooperation of Cooperative Societies Union, have established a mechanism for hiring illegal residents in the cooperative sector at the beginning of year 2014.

Source: KUNA

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