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800 dead disabled receiving aid
May 3, 2015, 10:10 am

Deputy Director General of the Human Resources and Financial Affairs Department at the Public Authority for Handicapped Affairs Dr. Hussein Al-Duweihis revealed that around 800 people with disabilities have been found to be dead yet they continue to receive financial assistance amounting to a total of KD 83,000 monthly or KD 996,000 annually, reports a local daily. Al-Duweihis confirmed halting the payment of allowances to these beneficiaries since February and their relatives have been asked to return the money obtained illegally; otherwise, the necessary legal action will be taken against them.

Meanwhile, Al-Duweihis disclosed the authority’s budget for the current fiscal year is KD 132 million and KD 92 million of which had been allocated for the financial support of the handicapped. He said 21,000 of 51,000 handicapped registered in the authority do not receive financial aid because they have minor disabilities, while those with severe and moderate disabilities are entitled to the allowance whose total is estimated at KD 6.6 million per month. He added the total amount that will be spent on the beneficiaries retroactively will be KD 8.5 million.

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