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850 deportees recorded
April 27, 2016, 9:49 am

Security sources at the information technology center said the lists of deportees from the country include 850 deportees sent back on administrative, judicial and on health grounds. It announced that 10-digit fingerprint machines will be used at the airport.

Security sources at the information technology center said the e-readers are linked to two important databases – the first is of citizens’ information when departing or arriving, which can read the passport chip and determine whether the data is correct, and the other is of those wanted by various state departments such as detectives, state security, criminal detectives, investigations and prosecution.

Sources said the project includes the installation of electronic gates for citizens connected to the e-reader, so the citizen’s data at the time of departure and entry are automatically entered in the computer and the gate opens automatically, letting travelers pass through. But if a person is wanted, a red sign appears and will prevent the gate from opening, and the person will be directed to the department wanting him.

Source:  Al-Rai

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