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9,000 drivers licenses taken by ‘trickery’ revoked – MoI
April 28, 2015, 11:27 am

About 9,000 drivers’ licenses of expatriates who changed their profession after obtaining the licenses and women whose status changed after they obtained the licenses under family visa have been revoked, sources from Ministry of Interior say.

They revealed that those licenses were canceled after the ministry issued its latest decision regarding drivers’ licenses.

Meanwhile, Assistant Under-secretary for Traffic Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna in a press statement revealed that the number of expatriates driving vehicles without drivers’ license has reduced considerably, insisting that the decisions are being implemented strictly and no pressure or ‘wasta’ will be effective in escaping from the violation. He affirmed that the traffic sector will also consider deporting expatriates if they are caught committing serious violations such as using their private vehicles as taxis for transporting passengers, and if they do not follow the traffic rules and regulations of the country.

Meanwhile, the traffic police during sporadic campaigns from the beginning of this year until last Thursday have arrested 3,000 people for driving vehicles without a license, reports a local daily. The daily quoting security sources explained those arrested will be subjected to legal procedures but will not be deported because they were caught before the law was issued to deport motorists caught driving without licence which came into effect last Thursday, April 23, 2015. However, the source added three people have been caught after the law was issued.

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