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9 containers of ‘liquor, drugs’ vanish in thin air
November 24, 2016, 8:21 am

Nine containers filled with illicit items, which entered the country through Shuwaikh Port and were kept aside and placed under surveillance to arrest the individual responsible for them, suddenly disappeared from the yard they were placed in and were transported freely through the country without being stopped or even noticed by any authority, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to sources, information about how the containers entered the country through Shuwaikh Port is known but it is unknown how these containers were able to exit the port and pass all customs procedures to move around in Kuwait and unload the illicit cargo far from the watchful eyes of the authorities.

Customs sources explained that the shipment was placed under suspicion after it left the country of origin. It was monitored until it reached Shuwaikh Port after which it was not tracked. The individual responsible for the disappearance of the shipment is still unknown.

They went on to explain that three of the containers were initially docked at the port in October. They were placed under surveillance throughout the voyage after the Customs Investigation Department received information that the containers are filled with banned items.

When all nine containers reached the country, they were placed in a yard without searching the contents and assigning the concerned authorities to check the details. Customs officers continued monitoring the containers to identify the individual who would come to clear the shipment so that he can be arrested. However, all nine containers suddenly disappeared from the yard without leaving a trace.

The General Customs Department was notified immediately for necessary measures to be taken but the matter was prolonged until it came to the notice of the Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh and he addressed the customs director in a strongly-worded letter, asking him the reason why he was not informed about the incident and why all security authorities were not notified to take necessary measures.

The sources expressed fear that the contents of the nine containers might include drugs, liquor or some other illegal items and they could have already reached the individual who imported them.

Source: Arab Times

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