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A Note of Gratitude
April 29, 2015, 12:50 pm

I am glad to share the good news that Matthew Varghese (Matt to all of us) has been cleared of all charges and is back home, safe and sound. The case has been closed and was pronounced to be a complete accident.
As I share this information, I believe that God and our angels in heaven, ABBY and VAZEEL protected him throughout this turmoil. It was a very difficult moment but our angels watched over Matt during his times of trial, helped him through it and delivered him safely back to us. I am certain that they both will always be watching over us from up above. We will always and forever feel their presence around us. I truly believe that if you are strong in your faith and true in your heart, you will never be forsaken.  This is a testimony of the wonders God works.
For all those who stood by us in our moment of distress, for all those who had our friends and their families in your prayers, for all those who believed and trusted in Matt, not to forget all the social workers and the people in Dubai who helped us through the process, I have only two words……THANK YOU. Our sincere gratitude to each of you who lifted us in your prayers. Our friends and I would not have survived this calamity without your prayers and support.
Last but not the least, sweet Abby and Vazeel keep smiling down at us from above and send us down your blessings and love.

With Gratitude,
Cindy Fernandes Thakur


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