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Abbassiya flat water disconnected again
January 20, 2014, 1:38 pm

The controversial 9-storey apartment in Abbassiya where water and elevator were reconnected, just a few days back, has once again been disconnected, as the landlord continues his revenge against the tenants who refused to pay the rent hike.

Just a few days back, water and lift were reconnected ending a 2-week suffering of the 32 families who live there. Earlier 3 families from the 3rd floor of the building had agreed to pay the rent hike – from KD 230 to KD 250 – and they have been given water. But the rest 29 families stood united to go ahead with the fight, refusing to oblige.

An official complaint was given at the Jleeb police station where the complainant was beaten by a police officer, according to eye witnesses. The police stopped beating the complainant after his wife hugged her husband posing as human shield preventing the policeman’s fury.

Meanwhile, the residents of the flat continue to remain uncertain about their future.

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