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Abide by traffic rules
June 1, 2016, 11:47 am

In line with the Ministry of Interior's strategy to support and facilitate road maintenance and development works,  the General Traffic Department in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works announced the closure for a period of a month of the right lane of Al-Ghous Street in Mishref. which is located close to the water pump heading towards Muhammad AbdulMuhsin Al-Ghorafi Highway (Sixth Ring Road).

The department said the decision will take effect on Wednesday for the concerned authorities to accomplish several maintenance works,  including the replacement of asphalt. layer with concrete.

It called on road users, especially those using Al Ghous Street going towards the Sixth Ring Road to observe extra caution, adhere to the speed limits,  pay attention to warning traffic signs and abide by the instructions of traffic officers to guarantee their safety.


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