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Accidents caused by cattle mounting in Kuwait
July 4, 2016, 12:35 pm

Road accidents caused by camels or cattle are no longer scarce in Kuwait. They have become recurrent in large numbers, thus solutions must be found for this growing and often deadly problem. Most of the accidents caused by straying camels happen on the roads in Kabad, Al-Metlaa, Al-Sabbiyah, Al-Abdaly and Al-Salmy as well as on King Fahad highway.

Tackling the problem warrants a set of measures such as guiding shepherds to refrain from leaving the animals go astray or roam freely, notifying authorities about time and route of the animals' movement, taking appropriate precautions along the roads, intersections and exits.

The Public Authority of Agriculture and Fish Resources, in coordination with Kuwait Municipality and the committee tackling property encroachment, had drawn up a shepherding map, pin pointing the locations where grazing is allowed.

Cattle found feeding in unhallowed pastures are seized and the violating shepherd is fined. Police patrols usually block roads at times of crossing cattle and camels. And some motorists suggest that the camel should be strapped with warning light while moving.

The Kuwaiti lawyer Dokhi Al-Hesban told KUNA that citizens harmed by camels can file libel suits against the animals' owners. He also called for tagging the animals and making records of them in the local governing administrations.

Source: KUNA

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