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Active winds to continue
May 16, 2016, 8:23 am

Head of the Agricultural and Hydrological Forecast Section at the Meteorology Department Abdul-Aziz Al- Qarawi attributed the dust storm that Kuwait witnessed Sunday to the active winds which exceeded 60 kilometers per hour and reduced horizontal visibility to less than a thousand meters in some areas, especially in the western parts of the country. In a press statement, Al-Qarawi explained that the country was between expansion of lower pressure from the southeast part and high pressure from the northwest, along with mass of relatively dry air and moderate northeasterly winds.

He said the weather on Monday is expected to be accompanied with active winds once again during the day at a speed of more than 55 kilometers, reducing visibility in some locations particularly the open areas. He added the active winds will cause high waves in the sea ranging from three to six feet. The expected maximum temperature on Monday will range from 44 to 46 degrees Celsius, whereas dust is expected at the beginning of night hours followed by calm winds and moderate to light waves in the sea. The expected minimum temperature will range from 29 to 31 degrees Celsius.

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