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Activist’s jail term upheld as tweeters freed
February 3, 2015, 11:17 am

 The public prosecutor yesterday freed two online activists on bail after questioning them along with others over accusations of insulting Saudi King Abdullah, who died less than two weeks ago. The prosecutor freed Mohammad Khaled Al-Ajmi on a KD 1,000 bail pending trial after detaining him for five days for allegedly writing comments on his Twitter account deemed offensive to King Abdullah and endangering diplomatic ties between Kuwait and the kingdom.

The prosecutor also freed Flaih Al-Azemi, a journalist with an Arabic daily, after several days of detention after facing similar accusations. No date has been yet set for their trial. The decisions come one day after a judge ordered the detention of two other tweeters for 10 days pending investigation over similar charges. Arrest warrants have also been issued against a number of other activists for making similar charges.

The court of appeals meanwhile upheld a four-year jail term against online activist Ahmad Abdulaziz Fadhel for allegedly insulting the judiciary and making derogatory remarks against a number of judges on Twitter. The criminal court handed the same sentence in October on Fadhel, who has been in jail for the past six months.

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