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Admire nature’s variety at the Kuwait Zoo
January 6, 2015, 2:40 pm

Kuwait Zoo displays the diversity and beauty of nature, and visitors can view many striking animals and birds in their own habitat. The Kuwait Zoo is located on Route 55 just after the 5th Ring Road, towards Farwaniya. The zoo is home to 1600 animals and 188 species of birds, which is partly due to the successful breeding program and improved conditions of the animals.

A variety of exotic animals like lions, gazelles and attractive species of birds like the peacock and black swan are available for public viewing. The grounds are well-kept and maintained, allowing visitors to appreciate the experience of being near wild animals and birds in a lush healthy environment. 

Among the most eye-catching attractions are the Sun Conure, a parrot native to North-Eastern South America and admired for its bright plumage and vocalizing skills, as well as the Sitatunga (Marshbuck), a swamp-dwelling antelope that is identified as Africa's only true amphibious antelope. Anyone stopping by the Kuwait Zoo will marvel at the different sights that connects one closer to nature in an enchanting atmosphere. A trip is a fun day of exploration.

Photographs by U.Pradeep Kumar

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