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Agricultural products from Egypt tested, found not contaminated
September 25, 2016, 9:42 am

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health, as well as its counterpart in Saudi Arabia, affirmed that laboratory tests have proven that agricultural products from Egypt are not contaminated and are not infected with any contagious diseases.

The tests were carried out following a report issued by US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), which warned against the consumption of Egypt’s agricultural export products under the allegations that they are contaminated and carry hepatitis-A virus.

In a press statement, spokesperson of Ministry of Health Dr. Ahmad AlShatti affirmed the existence of hepatitis virus in Kuwait but stressed that Egypt’s agricultural export products were not the source of this virus.

He said, “There is no proof of hepatitis infection caused by the agricultural produce from Egypt”.

In response to the Twitter feed which warned people against consuming agricultural produce from Egypt and advised them to get rid of any stocks of such produce because they are contaminated and contains hepatitis A, Dr. Al-Shatti insisted that such a “tweet” was not meant for Kuwait but for one of the neighboring countries.

Source: Arab Times

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