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Air ambulance tackled 1,087 cases in holidays
January 4, 2016, 8:59 am
Air ambulance helicopters flying over a densely populated area in Kuwait.

Director of Medical Emergency Department Dr Tariq Al-Jassar said the victims of accidents and other emergency situations in the northern and southern parts of the country during the New Year holiday were transported to hospitals through the air ambulance.

In a press statement, the Operations Section in the Medical Emergency Department disclosed they dealt with 1,087 cases during the holiday – 753 were referred to hospitals and 334 were provided treatment on the spot.

The department said the cases included traffic accidents, fistfights and minor injuries. It went on to say that 101 traffic accidents were registered during the holiday – 38 on Thursday, 30 on Friday, 30 on Saturday and three as at 12:00 noon on Sunday. According to the department, the Operations Unit handled 639 cases during the same period as follows – 190 on Thursday, 148 on Friday, 184 on Saturday and 117 on Sunday; while it registered seven public brawls and six burn cases.

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