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Airborne medical service to link 2 power plants
August 27, 2015, 8:10 pm

The new aerial ambulance service to be launched between Al-Zour and Al-Sabiya electrical plants will be of great benefit for employees' safety, according to officials in the Ministry of Electricity and Water. The Ministry of Heath agreed to launch the medical service between the two stations to provide workers with immediate medical care in case of emergencies, Assistant Undersecretary of power plants and distillation Fouad Al-Oun told journalists on Thursday.

People in these stations work in dangerous conditions due to the nature of their job, said the official, adding that the ministry of electricity aims to develop safety measures for its employees. The local air ambulance initiative was established by former servicemen, security veterans, and firefighters and went into service last January to transport patients and people hurt in accidents from the scenes to hospitals in a short time while avoiding traffic.

Source: KUNA

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