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Akon’ says disappointed, apologizes to his fans in Kuwait
April 12, 2015, 2:01 pm

Ministry of Interior canceled a music concert of popular American singer ‘Akon’ that was due to be held on April 11 in one of the famous halls in Kuwait The concert was canceled due to an online campaign that urged the authorities for its cancelation because the singer is known for the indecent and sexually suggestive lyrics in his songs.

A source from the Ministry of Interior affirmed that such a concert is against the traditions and culture of the people of Kuwait and that the latter do not accept such strange phenomenon in the country.

Regarding the cancellation of his concert, Akon said he was disappointed and apologized to all of his fans who had bought tickets to his concert.

There have been mixed reactions locally regarding the cancellation of Akon’s concert in Kuwait. Some described the decision as temperamental and yielding to parliamentary pressures which causes retrogression of liberties in Kuwait while others supported the move for the protection of the traditions of this country.

MP Dr. Ouda Al-Ruwai’e praised the decision taken by Ministry of Interior, stressing that the organizer of the concert did not consider the conservative nature of the Kuwaiti society while planning the concert.

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