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Al-Asousi highlights GCC legal, judiciary cooperation
September 21, 2014, 5:42 pm

The 8th meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Public Prosecutors, Attorney-Generals, Heads of Public Investigation Bodies and the public prosecution will seek to achieve a better future for the member states, Kuwaiti Public Prosecutor Dherar Al-Asousi said on Sunday. Addressing the opening session of the meeting, Al-Asousi said the legal and judiciary field is a major form of cooperation among the GCC states.

He highlighted the decision taken by the 33rd meeting of the GCC Supreme Council in Bahrain endorsing mechanisms for supporting members of the prosecution, public prosecution and investigative bodies in the bloc, in a bid to guarantee them financial and administrative independence, the same as they enjoy technical independence.

Al-Asousi urged the relevant authorities to take the necessary measures to reinforce respect of the judiciary authority amid people. In the framework of the legal and judiciary cooperation among the GCC states, the 34th meeting of the bloc's supreme council in Kuwait allowed lending members of the prosecution, public prosecution and investigative bodies to another member state in line with the national laws and systems, Al-Asousi said.

He also referred to the decision by GCC Ministerial Council in its 130th meeting in Riyadh, endorsing a prize of excellence for those members. It also allocated the financial value of the prize. Al-Asousi expected the two decisions would soon have such positive effect on the performance of the prosecutors and members of the public prosecution and investigative bodies, based on competition.

For his part, GCC Assistant Secretary General for Legal Affairs Ambassador Hamad Rashed Al-Marri said that the meeting would discuss modernizing the unified judiciary orders by members of prosecution, public prosecution public investigative bodies in the GCC. Meanwhile, head of the Kuwaiti delegation, First Attorney Mohammad Al-Zoubi, said that the two-day meeting would also discuss rules of cooperation and judiciary orders as well as reviewing experiences from the member states.

He added that the Kuwaiti delegation would offer the meeting a proposal on arrest warrants among the GCC prosecutions, for chasing criminals. He expressed hope the proposal would be accepted.

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