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Al-Hateen residents annoyed by garbage and poor maintenance
July 11, 2015, 10:34 am

Several residents of Al-Hateen area revealed their disgust over the dumping of garbage randomly in their area, urging the concerned authorities to take urgent action in this regard because this act has turned the place into another waste-laden area. They complained that most of the roads in Hateen area are filled with potholes and broken pavements with heaps of garbage littering the area in a disgusting manner.

The residents insisted that Hateen area needs consistent maintenance to ensure the roads are in order, stressing the need for building gardens and parks where children can play in the area. One of the residents Abu Ali said the garbage piles seen in front of many houses in Hateen area is an “eyesore” with stray dogs roaming freely everywhere. He indicated that there are sufficient unused open spaces that could be transformed into gardens and parks for children to play as well as for the residents to enjoy recreation in a green environment.

Another resident Bu Fahad reasoned that Hateen, being one of the new cities in Kuwait, should look beautiful but it is unfortunate that those who visit the area thank Allah that they do not live there. He lamented about the ugly condition of the landscape of the area with plants grow arbitrarily at the entrances and exits of the area.

Source: Al-Seyassah daily


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