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Al-Jaafar is the youngest Mosque Martyr
June 30, 2015, 10:19 am

Mohammed Ahmed Al-Jaafar was the youngest among 27 innocent lives lost in the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque bombing on Friday. His name will no longer be part of the attendance list of Eissa Ahmed Al-Hamad High School, but he will forever be on the list of Kuwait’s martyrs.

His sacrifice will pay off, “because the 27 martyrs will unite the State of Kuwait against all forms of terror,” his mother told the press. “Those who lost their conscience are lost beyond recognition” said his father, Ahmed, when asked about his message for all those who wish harm on Kuwait and its people.

He disclosed he was praying in the front row while his son, Mohammed, was a couple of rows behind. Upon hearing the explosion, he rushed to search for his two sons — Husain and Mohammed. He found Mohammed alive but in a critical condition, so he was relieved to see the paramedics who then transferred Mohammed to Al-Mubarak Hospital where he died. Ahmed Al-Jaafar told the press that no matter how painful it is for him to lose his son, he is happy to know that his son died a martyr and “will sit amongst the greats in heaven.”

On the other hand, Mohammed’s older brother, Husain, said his father found him before Mohammed but he asked his father to look for Mohammed for he does not know where he was. Husain was taken to Al-Razi Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and discharged the day after. He was unable to talk to the press about the details of the incident as he quickly choked in tears.

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