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Al-Jahra municipality carries out clean-up campaign
August 15, 2016, 12:22 pm

Kuwait Municipality's department of Public Cleanliness and Road Occupancy executed a clean-up campaign in Al-Jahra where 290 used tires and 70 neglected cars were collected and properly disposed of in Al-Naayem scrapyard in a mere two weeks.

Director of the Municipality of Al-Jahra, Eng. Mubarak Al-Buais said that the campaign will be active until the area is completely clean.

This campaign was possible with the help of different government bodies including the Public Authority for Industry and the Environment Public Authority (EPA).

Al-Buais stressed that the municipality will take legal action against those who do not properly dispose of their possessions and violate the rules.

The Director of the municipality of Al-Farwaniya, Saud Al-Harbi, said that they have carried out several campaigns in Jleeb a rea where they removed old neglected cars in an effort to make the town more aesthetically pleasing.

Al-Harbi said that through this campaign, 46 neglected vehicles were removed and placed in Amghara scrapyard. Al-Harbi hoped there will be more of a collective effort to clean-up the country, ultimately creating a healthier more beautiful Kuwait. 

Source: KUNA

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