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Al-Jarallah lauds FMs' 'positive' meetings in Cairo
March 12, 2016, 8:38 am

 Kuwait's Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah lauded the "positive" meetings of Arab foreign ministers Friday, indicating that it showed consensus and solidarity among Arabs.

Al-Jarallah made his remarks to KUNA on the sidelines of the 145th session of the Council of the Arab League.

He headed the Kuwaiti delegation. It is a positive sign which expresses Arab ministers' keenness on pushing Arab joint action forward to attain the aspirations of Arab countries and people, Al-Jarrallah said, expressing "satisfaction" towards the so far outcomes of the two-day meeting.

There has been a "consensus" during the meetings among the participants on all the subjects that were discussed, he said, noting that foreign ministers discussed the situations in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, in addition to Turkish incursions into Iraqi territories, Iranian interference in Arab countries' interior affairs, and the possibility of holding the next Arab Summit in Mauritania.

Head of the Mauritanian delegation has addressed all details regarding the proposed dates for meetings of permanent envoys and preparatory ministerial meetings, Al-Jarallah noted, adding that today's meeting also approved for the League's General Secretariat to issue a statement that confirms Mauritania as the host of the next Arab Summit.

On assigning Egyptian former foreign minister Ahmad Abul Ghaith as the League's Secretary General, Al-Jarallah expressed "total satisfaction" towards the decision, adding that "Kuwait has announced its full support and informed the Egyptian government about it."

He also expressed aspiration for "a positive and constructive role" by the new League's Secretary General, whose wide experience and expertise will enable him to perform well for the joint Arab action interest, whishing Abul Ghaith good luck and success in his mission.

Source: KUNA

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