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Al-Khamis wins 3rd Constituency by-election
February 21, 2016, 8:28 am

Independent newcomer Ali Abdullah Al-Khamees yesterday became a member of parliament after winning the only seat in the by-election that became vacant with the death of late MP Nabil Al-Fadhl. Khamees won 7,281 votes, beating his nearest rival Abdullah Ahmad Al-Kandari, who received 4,836 votes. Osama Al-Tahus, who was a member of parliament before the constitutional court annulled the result and declared Fadhl as winner, was in third place with 3,647 votes.

Hisham Al-Baghli, who was a member of the 2012 National Assembly which was dissolved by court, came in fourth place with 2,686 votes. Ahmad Al-Fadhl, a son of the late MP Fadhl, came in fifth place with 1,314 votes. Thirty-four candidates, including two women, contested the election for the single seat. The two women came in the 26th and 27th places, receiving around 20 votes each.

Khamees, the brother of well-known journalist Madhi Al-Khamees, will take the oath as the 50th member of parliament when the Assembly holds its next session on March 1. Turnout was reported to be at around 30 percent after more than 24,000 of the 81,000 eligible voters cast their votes.

Late yesterday, HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah congratulated citizens on the success of the by-elections in the third constituency, lauding the great role of judiciary, interior ministry and ministry of information in this regard. The Amir also lauded the great cooperation shown by voters, which contributed to championing the electoral process in a manner that reflected the homeland’s civil and democratic image.

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