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Al Mulla Exchange announces winner of the Charger Car Draw
April 8, 2014, 10:25 am

Al Mulla International Exchange, the leading money remittance company in Kuwait, has recently concluded its latest promotion with the collaboration of Banque Du Caire (BDC). The promotion targeted every customer who transfers money to Egypt through Banque Du Caire (BDC), who then were entered to the draw on Dodge Charger 2013. The lucky winner Mr. Mina Gad Allah Qoudos Gad Allah, received his valuable prize during a ceremony at Al Mulla International Exchange, Khaitan Branch at Awtad Tower.

Al Mulla International Exchange launched its promotion “Transfer and win a Dodge Charger car” on 8 December 2013 until 10 March 2014, which targeted all their Egyptian customers and gave them the chance to enter a draw to win Dodge Charger 2013 with every transaction conducted and money transferred to Banque Du Caire (BDC) from any of their 53 branches across Kuwait.

On behalf of Al Mulla International Exchange, Mr. Rajesh Gairola, General Manager, said: “Al Mulla International Exchange and Banque Du Caire both agree on the fact that this promotion was an added value. We believe that our customers are our driving force; they inspire us to adopt innovative solutions to reach out to them and give them not only superior customer service but winning opportunities and experience.

This collaboration will contribute in exposing Al Mulla International Exchange in the Egypt market and the same exposure to Banque Du Caire in the Kuwaiti market.”
Mr. Rajesh also added: “This promotion is part of a series of promotions that Al Mulla International Exchange conducts throughout the year which contributes in fulfilling the dreams of our customers.

We consider our customers our essential assets and our goal is to satisfy their needs and support them as much as we can as an appreciation to their loyalty and contribution in the growth of our business.”

Al Mulla International Exchange, established in 2001 always assured in providing outstanding services to its customers and seeks to meet their expectations and satisfaction, it always strives to provide all its branches with the latest technologies in favor to its customers and innovative remittances and money transfer solutions.

On the other hand Banque Du Caire (BDC), is considered one of the prominent banks in Egypt, operates from Cairo as its head office while serving its customers through 231 branches distributed in different areas in Egypt.

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