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Al Mulla Exchange concludes their promotion for remittances to Egypt and Bangladesh
July 3, 2013, 9:26 am
Al Mulla International Exchange, the leading exchange company in Kuwait, announced names of  the daily and weekly winners for their promotion on remittances to Egypt and Bangladesh. 
The two-month long promotion began in the first week of May and concluded in the last week of June. Under the Egyptian promotion there was a daily draw and winners of the daily Egyptian promotion received a high-end Samsung S3 Mini mobile phone and one Samsung LED TV as a bumper prize worth KD 400 at the end of the promotion. 
Under the Bangladesh Promotion there was a weekly draw where the seven lucky winners of the Bangladesh promotion each received cash prizes ranging from KD 400 for the first prize, KD 200 for the second prize, KD 150 for the third prize, KD 100 for the fourth prize, and KD 50 each for the fifth, sixth and seventh prizes.
The promotion proved to be highly popular amongst customers remitting to Egypt and Bangladesh. We have seen several happy customers walking away with valuable prizes every day. The attractive promotion gives customers yet another reason to remit their money through Al Mulla Exchange.
In addition to the promotion prizes, remittances made through Al Mulla Exchange enjoy free insurance and loyalty points on every transaction, as well as SMS confirmation on delivery of remittances. Besides making money transfer a quick, safe and relaxed experience for its customers, Kuwait’s premier exchange also offers the facility to send money from the comfort of one’s home or office through their online service at
Among the winners of the Egyptian promotion were, Sabri Farghali Abdul Haleem, Salem Ahmed Abdullah Mohamed, Mohammad Abdulatef Ahmad, Ahmad Aezt Ahmad Ali and Ashraf Hessan Rezk Moustafa, who each won a high-end Samsung S3 Mini mobile phone, while the winner of the bumper prize of Samsung LED TV worth KD 400 was Ashraf Nabieh.
Meanwhile, some of the lucky winners of the Bangladesh promotion were, Mohamed Khalil who won a first prize of KD 400, Shah Jalal who won a second prize of KD 200, Mohamed Babul who won a third prize of KD 150 and Mohammed S. Ali who won a fourth prize of KD 100. Among the list of fifth, sixth and seventh prize winners, who each walked away with KD 50, were Kajal Baidy, Anwar Hossain and Sirajul Islam respectively. 
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