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Al-Sour stunned at MoI’s silence over ads for renting flats on hourly basis
August 7, 2016, 8:39 am

A member of the Municipal Council Nayef Al-Sour expressed his astonishment at the silence of Ministry of Interior over some daring advertisements for renting apartments on daily and hour basis.

He wondered why the ministry is not doing anything about those advertisements or coordinating with the concerned authorities in the country to monitor some media sites where such advertisements are published.

Al-Sour warned people about the consequences because using the apartments could tarnish their reputation especially if there are hidden cameras used to film them in order to blackmail later.

He explained that apartments used as brothels are being promoted openly with the knowledge of Ministry of interior, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Kuwait Municipality. However, no action is unfortunately being taken to eradicate this phenomenon.

Al-Sour indicated that majority of such apartments are run by expatriates and the cost per night ranges between KD 30 and KD 50 based on the location and availability of the apartments.

He added that no identification documents or marriage contracts are required so long as the payments are made.

Source: Arab Times

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