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All That Glitters Is Gold At Al Mulla Exchange
July 14, 2013, 2:40 pm

What would your reaction be if you found gold hiding in one of your receipt while doing transaction at Al Mulla Exchange? That's right Al Mulla Exchange has come with a unique and innovative marketing promotion for the Holy month of Ramadan wherein the lucky winner gets selected automatically while doing the transaction.

With this promotion, every day in each branch of Al Mulla Exchange there is a gold coin to be won by the customer. Since there is a chance to win at each branch, customers are fascinated and excited by the anticipation of getting to be the lucky winner instantaneously.

"I was pleasantly surprised'', quipped one of the lucky winners who was astonished that his receipt proclaimed him to be the lucky winner. Speaking after the launch of the promotion, Mr. Rajesh Gairola, General Manager of Al Mulla International Exchange said "We at Al Mulla Exchange are continuously looking at ways and means to up the ante on customer delight.

Through this unique promotion every customer in every branch stands a chance to win gold every day. With almost 50 winners everyday, we will have nearly 1500 winners at the end of the month winning gold. We would like to wish our customers all the very best during the Holy month of Ramadan". 

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