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All eyes riveted on the inauguration of India first Transport Heritage Museum
December 6, 2013, 4:29 pm

Among the world’s finest and India’s first Heritage Transport Museum is all set to be open to public with a spectacular inaugural function on Saturday 7th December that will showcase what is called as “wheel of development’

Chief Minister of Haryana Mr Bhupinder Hooda will inaugurate the state of art museum located just adjacent to Delhi on the National Highway 8 on the Jaipur road.

Laced with modern architect, the museum facility located on a 3.01-acre land will encompass nearly 84,000 square feet with exhibition galleries, Library & Reference Center, Museum Souvenir Shop, Seminar Rooms, and Cafeteria.

It is not only the modern architect and beautiful landscape that attracts the attention but the wonderful collection and thematic representation of the wheel of development that will hold the key.  It is a judicious mix where you enter into the world of transport from Stone Age to modern era and not only see but feel the transition of time.

All great work starts with a dream as they say and the setting of this museum is nothing but a dream comes true for a man whose childhood fantasy was to collect and play with car. “Wheel has always fascinated me from my childhood, something that I lived with” recalls Tarun Thakral, the man and the spirit behind the India first dedicated museum.

Hotelier by profession, Tarun started collecting old and vintage cars, railway saloon and even junk which was associated with transport very early. “It started as my hobby but somehow the collection kept on increasing leading to severe shortage of space”.

Till then, Tarun had no idea that he would showcase his collection for public viewing.  He had a chunk of land in Haryana, adjacent to Delhi and began transporting his collection to this place creating a warehouse.

While travelling to his farmland Taoru in Gurgaon, the idea to create a heritage museum began to gestate.”  I knew that transport has been the key to progress of civilisation and all of us are deeply attached.  When people first saw car they were astounded and today generation is equally enamoured to see these old cars.  There is a link and continuity”

What is most interesting is the period that Tarun created in the museum staring from slippers to horse, bullock cart to chariot, elephant howdahs and came ride, from rickshaw to motor cars, from trucks to buses, from boats to ships and from plane to rocket. There is such a beautiful link that one will get transported in this historic transport museum

When the “Heritage Transport Museum” opens it will set the standard for Indian museums with its dramatic displays, in-depth interpretation, extensive collection and exciting opportunities for visitor participation

Exhibition Galleries will display about 100 historically significant and artistically inspired modes of transport used in India and so many objects of inspiration.

Adjacent to the Indian capital with such a spending history, a new history is now being written in Taoru this Saturday

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