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Almost 60 nurseries shut due to violations
April 13, 2015, 9:03 am

Supervisor of Women and Children Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Mariam Al-Azmi said the department oversees 321 nurseries, reports a local daily. She added, the department has shut down nearly 60 nurseries, either administratively or upon the decision taken by the owners themselves, while a majority of closures were due to grave breaches.

Some of the nurseries were being used as accommodation outlets, as clubs in the evenings and accepting children who are four years and above. Al-Azmi said that one of the nurseries was shut down immediately after inspectors found sex boost medicine and drugs.

Earlier it was reported the Director of Women and Children Department at the Ministry Nasser Al-Ammar had ordered the closure of seven nurseries from different parts of the country. He explained three were shut for committing serious violations and the remaining four at the request of the owners. Al-Ammar disclosed the ministry officials carried out inspection tours to ensure compliance with Law 22/2014 and during the tour they discovered apartments were being used to take care of babies. He explained unauthorized nurseries expose the lives of babies to various kinds of dangers and are unsafe because they do not abide by the safety and security conditions.

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