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Aman Exchange brings remittances to your drawing room –Aman Online
August 14, 2016, 5:46 pm

The latest entrant in the remittance business in Kuwait, Aman Exchange is sparing no efforts in making the sending of money, comfortable, convenient and extremely affordable to expatriates in Kuwait.

Managed by professionals, Adel Yousef Al Muzaini and E.D.Titus, both veterans in the remittances business in the Middle East, Aman Exchange has in a very short time made its mark in the Money Exchange and Remittance Business.

With Aman Online, the remitter can now click and send remittances from the convenience of their home at any time of the day; no need to dress up and drive down to an exchange office or to stand in long queues. Best of all, no need to carry any cash around and you also get the additional benefit of the best rates offered by Aman Exchange.

Aman exchange has direct correspondent relationships with major banks in India, including the State Bank of India, Federal Bank, Canara Bank and HDFC amongst others. Aman also offers remittances services to the major countries from where expatriates in Kuwait hail from, such as Egypt, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Aman Online, brings the vision  and experience of pioneers  who visualized and set up the Online Remittance System through Exchange houses in the region for the first time.

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