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Ambassador praises special visa for Kuwaitis
December 13, 2013, 6:59 pm

Kuwaiti Ambassador to India Sami Mohammad Al-Sulaiman praised new procedures issued by Indian authorities regarding types and duration of visas for Kuwaiti citizens wishing to visit the nation. Sulaiman, in a statement to KUNA, said the new measures will allow issuance of multiple-entry visas at different intervals as desired by Kuwaitis wishing to visit India either for business, tourism, medical treatment or study.

He said the new measures have come in wake of the important visit by His Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, to India last November. In order to facilitate travel of Kuwaiti nationals to India for business, tourism, medical and study purposes, the Indian authorities have adopted a new visa structure for Kuwaiti nationals. According to the new structure, two types of business visas would be issued for one and five years with multiple entry.

The tourism visa would be valid for six months, the medical one for one year with multiple entries, the student visa would be valid for study duration. Ambassdor Sulaiman said Kuwait values the Indian Government's concern to further bolster the excellent relations between the two friendly countries. He also revealed that the Kuwaiti authorities are working jointly with the Indian counterparts to conclude an agreement on exemption visa requirements for holders of diplomatic, special and official passports.

He asserted that the new procedures would encourage Kuwaiti travelers to visit India in large numbers for business, tourism and medical treatment.
Noting that India is a favorite tourist destination among Kuwaiti travelers, that available clinics and treatment centers are of high standards, the ambassador said India plays an important role in the flourishing trade and business in the Gulf. Ambassador Sulaiman said the strong economy and better investment opportunities which New Delhi offers would attract more Kuwaiti entrepreneurs to launch business in India

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