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Americana Group goes into Guinness Book of Records
May 30, 2013, 2:00 pm

Americana Group goes into Guinness Book of Records

 with 3 world records in a single day

Americana Group, the Middle East’s most successful group of companies, operating consumer foods, restaurants, and food-related products, registered three new records to enter the Guinness Book of Records; making Americana the first company in the Middle East to achieve this feat in the food sector, particularly in the catering sector on a global level.

In a press conference attended by senior economic personalities, news agencies and satellite channels, Marzouk Al Kharafi, chairman and managing director of the Kuwait Food Company (Americana), uncovered the details of the world records achieved by the company, assuring that this will make it a distinct name in the global food industry and crown more than half a century of the company's excellence in the Middle East.

"One of the three 'Guinness' records that was registered is the biggest ever designed bucket of KFC in the world. It weighed 480 kilos, breaking the previous world record of 300 kilos and had inside it 5,400 pieces of KFC chicken," Al Kharafi explained in the presence of the Guinness encyclopedia representative, Talal Omar Al-Qadi.

The other two records which were unprecedented and never tried before are the largest Krispy Kreme Doughnuts box measuring 5.90 meters in height and 4.10 meters in width, containing 2,700 doughnuts and the longest Kuwait Towers like burger line from Hardee’s with the line measuring 306 meters and consisting of 2,500 Hardees burgers.

More than 500 workers have contributed toward realizing this objective. "More than 200 of them participated in making the Kentucky bucket and, another 200 workers took part in creating the burger line form Hardees. This is in addition to more than 100 workers that contributed toward creating the doughnut box from Krispy Kreme," he noted.

Al-Kharafi also said that this triple achievement is seen as a quality leap from being the strongest food brand in the Middle East, to making it a worldwide brand.

Al-Kharafi said that "Americana" was able to provide added value to the Kuwaiti market by scoring these three world records through the initiative and the primacy in entering Kuwait to Guinness Book of Records through the three new figures allocated to the restaurants category.

He added that the efforts exerted by "Americana" to push world markets towards new records are considered as a direct support by the company for the State of Kuwait and the local market, opening new horizons, and supporting the Kuwaiti companies in spreading globally.

As part of its continuing social contribution, Al-Kharafi noted that the food used in the competition was donated to the Ministry of Social Affairs and the charitable institutions.


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