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Amir respects court ruling, urges unity against chaos
June 17, 2013, 12:15 am

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah affirmed full respect to the constitutional court’s ruling yesterday, calling on his fellow Kuwaitis to unite against “voices of chaos”, sedition and democracy. “I repeat what I have said before that I accept … the ruling of the constitutional court regardless of its content, and I call upon all citizens to respect it and abide by it,” Sheikh Sabah said in a speech to the nation following the constitutional court’s ruling. Complying with the court’s ruling will reflect “respect to our high esteem judiciary … and commitment to our constitution. This is what we have always been keen on and will always be God’s willing,” said the Amir.

Sheikh Sabah said he instructed the Cabinet to comply with the court’s ruling, which obsessed people and triggered an atmosphere of “anxiety and tension”. “Now we have to leave this issue and its deliberate aftermath behind us, and continue the march of reform and development, realizing the lessons of this experience,” he said. Sheikh Sabah affirmed that Kuwait “is a state of institutions ruled by the constitution and law, and there is no authority nor ceiling above the authority of the right and justice.” Citizens should be keen to seek the judiciary to settle differences “which is a civilized aspect … and a victory for democracy that every Kuwaiti citizen should be proud of,” he added.

The Amir said Kuwait was victorious and that he appreciated the people who expressed their principled positions and bore their national responsibility to enforcing democracy and complying with the constitution. Sheikh Sabah said he excused those who deviated from the right path, and thanked the speaker and members of parliament for their faithful efforts to carrying out their national unity as well as their achievements.

Sheikh Sabah called upon all people to follow footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers who were known for their “forgiveness, cooperation, clean heart and hand, respect of the old and taking care of the young”. The Amir said he carried no “grudges” against anyone, and that the unity of the ruler with his people was a “major element in our Kuwaiti community”. He said democracy in Kuwait was based on shura, or consultation, and was then complimented by the constitution which was written by representatives of the people through dialogue, consensus and understanding. “It was the agreement and consensus of everybody,” he added.

Sheikh Sabah said democracy in Kuwait did not materialize overnight “but after a long chain of experiments and practices”. “Our community in Kuwait is not an exception from other communities; we are all responsible to protecting and developing our democratic system to achieve our hopes and aspirations … without the domination of one segment or control of a group or sidelining another but to guarantee the representation of all Kuwaiti segments,” he said.

Democracy should be developed to improve participation of the public, boost dialogue, understanding and consensus, accept differences of opinions, respect views of others, reject violence and extremism, reject personal interests, not to attack others, and place Kuwait’s interest first, he said. “This is the sound democratic practices we seek to achieve, to develop our democracy via dialogue, consensus, understanding and consultation which serves the interest of the nation and citizens,” said the Amir.

Sheikh Sabah said that “we all should respect” the constitution as well as “feel proud of our just judiciary that we always seek”. He called for the respect and support of the judiciary because “we cannot but accept and respect” its rulings. He said the Kuwaiti people have proven their loyalty to their country, keenness on its security and stability. Kuwaitis “reject calls of sedition and division, reject voices of chaos and stick to their national unity and support their leadership”, he said.

Sheikh Sabah voiced concern over “sick sectarian” signs in the Kuwaiti community “which might trigger extremism and spark destructive discord, a matter rejected and condemned by every faithful Kuwaiti”. “We will not allow our country to be a place for sectarian conflicts and settlement of sick scores,” affirmed the Amir, “nor allow discord to poison our solid community.”

Sheikh Sabah highlighted Kuwait’s support for Arabs and Muslims out of its keenness to backing “principles of justice”. He underlined that security of Kuwait “is a sacred duty … and it is on top of priorities”. “There shall be no construction, no development, no economy, no services, no schools and no hospitals with the lack of security,” affirmed the Kuwaiti leader. “Protecting the country is a collective responsibility … which require wisdom and spirit of responsibility…,” he said.

Sheikh Sabah said the top priority now was to protect Kuwait from “disasters surrounding us, maintaining its security and stability, shield it from storms which roar near us, (which) burn the country and kill the people, and spread destruction, as hundreds of innocent people are being killed or injured every day and millions are displaced.” Sheikh Sabah said urged Kuwaitis to learn lessons of events “happening not far from us.” He said that the road was long and full of “difficulties and challenges …  but the unity, cooperation and solidarity of Kuwaitis are capable of achieving success and objectives”. –


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