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Ancient mosques masterpieces distinguishing Kuwait City
April 8, 2014, 9:38 am

Ancient mosques are spread in the capital of Kuwait, as well as all governorates, considered as masterpieces that keep alive memories of the old times, namely remarakable efforts of the ancestors who built them.

Many of these mosques have been renovated and expanded by the State, making them comfortable for worshippers and eye-entertaining for visitors.

Features of the Kuwaiti old mosques are simple, derived from the surrounding environment. They are marked with low minarets, a courtyard in addition to beautiful columns that lead to the entrance.
Worshippers in the past used to pray inside the mosque in winter and at the yard during the summer, due to lack of electricity and air-conditioning.

All Kuwaiti mosques now a days are equipped with air-condition sets to accomodate the worshippers during the country's long summer season.

Coutesy: KUNA

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